Guys Reveal The Ups And Downs Of Coming Out To Their Families

We live in an unprecedented time of acceptance for LGBTQ people, and some of that is reflected in the promising coming out stories we hear all the time.

But there is, of course, still a dark side of ignorance and fear that rips apart families and does lasting harm to those merely trying to live as their authentic selves.

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper — the good, the bad and the ugly — about the levels of acceptance they’ve found:

When I came out as gay my mom threatened to kick me out, but my dad was 100% supportive. My dad kicked my mom out and I now live with him. I

My mom loves that I

It breaks my heart that after 10 years with my partner my parents still refuse to acknowledge that I

I love being able to open up and talk to my dad about my life problems. He truly is an amazing person and accepts me for who I am. Despite I

My mom loves that I

I hate how my mom is two faced about me being gay. To me she

My parents still think I

My parents are slowly accepting the fact that I

My mom used to try and set me up with all the girls at church. Now that she knows I

My parents know that I

My parents still talk to me like I

My mom only accepts me as gay because "everyone sins." I just want her to accept me because she doesn

My mom "supports" me being gay but always asks if I have a gf or says in a complaining tone "Why don

My parents are my heroes. They

My mom turns a blind eye to me being gay. Thinking if she ignores it won

I went to church with my boyfriend and family and the pastor said being gay is sin. My mom said, "If you can

When I came out my parents accepted that I was gay right away. I got so mad because I crafted the perfect argument and couldn