Guys Reveal Their First Gay Bar Experiences, From Incredible To Cringe Worthy

Sticky floors, bad music and weak overpriced cocktails are just some of the wonders that await inside of many of the gay bars of the world. But those deterrents are all easily overlooked the first time you enter one. Then, it’s usually more a portal into an exciting and sexy wonderland than it is a watering hole for the town drunks. But hey, to each their own.

Here are some stories of those first times in a gay bar from our friends at Whisper.

What was your first time like?

walked into a gay club for the first time and there were so many hot men with their eyes on me. it felt good to be noticed

My first time at a gay  club last night. Danced  and made out with a  really hot guy... I could  get used to this.

My first time at a gay  bar I was surprised the guys weren't that  hot... I didn't see much difference from "straight" bars. Maybe my  standards are too high

Went to a gay bar with friends and pretended  to be a straight guy who got dragged along. That way the guy I took home that nite had the satisfaction of saying he slept with a straight dude

Went to a gay club tonight since I came out. Don't  have the guts to even start a conversation with another guy. I'm screwed.

I went to a gay club with my gay friend for the  first time... I came out to him and he said he suspected it. Can't help  but feel a little  disappointed that he  hasn't made a move.

I feel like a failure because  I went to a gay bar for  the first time and no  guys even came near me

Went to my first gay club and danced the night away with so many hot men. Can't wait for many more nights to come.

Is it wrong to feel out of place at a gay bar when you are gay? Idk anymore

yesterday I went to a gay club for the first time and I felt like a total different person.

It's weird that as a gay man, I never feel more lonely than when I'm at a gay club. #foreverAlone

I'm planing to go  to a gay bar  tonight.  I'm Terrified,  it ll be my first time  and I'm in closet  very deep.

I'm going to my first gay club since coming out tonight. I'm terrified and exhilarated.

Went to the gay bar today - my first time since being newly single. Can't stop thinking about my ex - I don't want anyone else

I hooked up with my college professor  after we ran into each other at a gay bar on New Years Eve.

I went to a gay bar and  it was all straight women  dancing to cotton eyed joe

Is it wrong to feel out of place at a gay bar when you are gay? Idk anymore

Running into your boss at a gay club. It doesn't get more awkward than that.