These guys are all in ‘secret relationships,’ but they just can’t keep quiet


There are virtually no scenarios that make having a “secret relationship” anywhere near acceptable. Relationships work when they have room to breathe, to fume, to grow.

Keeping things secret — whether one party is in the closet or married or in another primary relationship — is like a pressure cooker of conflict.

It might not be today or tomorrow or even next week, but at some point, something’s gonna blow.

Below, guys let off a little steam about their secret relationship predicaments on Whisper:

I'm in a secret relationship with a married

I wish my boyfriend wasn't still in the closet. We're in a secret relationship because of his job and I don't know how much longer I can take it.

I thought I would feel happy in a secret relationship. But I hate not being able to share my happiness with my family and friends

I'm in a secret relationship with another man. We share the same friends but none of them know. And for all they know... We're both straight.

I've been in a secret relationship with someone for over two years. We never talk on the phone or see each other in person. I'm getting tired of it and I want a real boyfriend.

I'm in a secret relationship and its driving me crazy. I can't wait until we feel free to show what we feel like to everyone.

My best friend's little brother and I are secretly dating. He doesn't know we're gay.

I'm in a secret relationship with someone who is friends with almost everyone. His friends have caught us together a few times and I'm afraid of what they'll do.

I'm in a secret relationship with this guy that I love, but I'm too afraid of telling my parents because I know they will force me to end contact with him.

I'm secretly dating my brother's bestfriend we're both guys

I've been in a secret gay relationship for nearly 4 years. It sucks but I can't leave him

My and my boyfriend are in a secret gay relationship. If I tell anyone I might lose them as a friend... it's eating me alive.

My bf and I have been in a secret relationship for years and his mom hates me. All I want to do is what she has failed to do, and that's to love her son.

 Being in a secret relationship is fun and sexy, until you want him to meet your friends. Then it's depressing

I 've been in a secret gay relationship with a football player at my school