trade pics?

Guys sound off on nude photo etiquette

Comedian Michael Henry is back on YouTube this week asking the tough questions about nude photo etiquette. Specifically, what’s up with guys who ask to swap photos and then don’t hold up to their end of the bargain?

On one side of the argument, Henry’s co-star Preston Sadleir asks, “Why should someone have to send you their nudes if they don’t want to? It’s his body, he’s allowed to change his mind. It was a ‘sexual situation agreement’ — you’re allowed to say no to anything you said yes to previously in a sexual situation.”

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“Are we really comparing this to sex in person?” counters Sadleir’s on-screen boyfriend, played by Mano Agapion.

“This is totally different,” chimes in Henry. “This grown man and I made a commitment to each other that we would equally share our nude pics with each other. So what? He’s allowed to have a nude photo of me but I can’t have one of him? That’s not fair.”

“If you make a commitment, you should honor it,” agrees Agapion’s character.


In the comment section, viewers sounded off on the debate.

“If someone doesn’t hold up to a private exchange with someone online/messages that’s very dishonorable,” wrote one commenter. “That’s the place that needs good faith and trust. One person gets something, the other person gets nothing, plus that nude is potentially always there. If someone did want to back out mid-exchange, that needs good justification. You can’t lead someone on just to stop without explanation.”

“Well yeah,” another viewer responded to the first comment, “but even if they do honor the agreement my nudes are still there for their use and them being respectful on how they use the photos is not a given. So although I do think it’s bad when someone doesn’t send back and it makes the other one feeling tricked and insecure, I understand the idea that they have the right to regret and decline if they see something they don’t like.”

“I just assume they’re not into me and move on, yes, sucks that they did not return a pic when they agreed to exchange, but yes they have a right to change their mind, again I just move on, their loss….and on certain apps a block means deletes my pics off there phone,” wrote another commenter.