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Guys warn prospective sugar baby that he’s probably getting scammed

One guy’s story of being invited into a sugar daddy/baby arrangement has Redditors horrified — and for good reason.

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Here’s what the original poster wrote:

“I was browsing around Grindr when I got a message from an account named daddy to be his sugar baby and I’ll earn an allowance. Usually, I would ignore the hell of these messages but I tonight I was like, ‘Why not?’ So he gives me his WhatsApp, and we start messaging about it. He tells me to start off, all I’ll need to do is send sexy pics and nude videos whenever he [needs] them, and I’ll get 600 a week. Before we do that I’ll need to empty my bank account and give him access to it, essentially. I’m heavily thinking about [it], ‘cause, like, if this is legit, two weeks of that, and I’ll have made my college tuition back. Anyone else been in a position like this before? I’m open for any advice!”

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And boy, did commenters have advice! The first 13 comments on the post warned the guy not to do it. “Scam. Smarten up,” one user wrote. Another said, “OH HELL NO. Worse then a scam, he wants you reliant on his money so he can control you. Get. The f*ck. Out.”

One person quipped, “I have a bridge to sell you, PM me.”

“I have nothing to say about the arrangement, I’m basically a church gurl,” wrote another. “BUT I am popping in to say it’s never a good idea to give someone access to your bank account. Ever. Don’t do it. Consider Venmo, PayPal, or literally any other payment system. You should seriously consider only accepting cash from strangers.”

Words to live by!