“Guys With Fries” Shakes Up “Guys With iPhones”

For a few years now, Guys With iPhones (NSFW) has been one of the most popular time-wasters for gay men with Internet connections.

It’s so hot that many celebrities have allegedly posted their own pics, including Darren Criss, Michael Stipe and (no surprise here) James Franco.

Of course, all mega-popular things must become memes, thus the new and ingeniously silly “Guys with Fries,” a Tumblr site filled of photos where the guys’ phones have been replaced with a large McDonald’s fries. (Is Mickey D’s behind this?) Some images appear to be doctored with clown faces and other tweaks but the funniest are the ones where the guy is totally ripped, making his carb- and calorie-laden accessory all the more ridiculous.

And, of course, it gives a whole new meaning to “Can I get some fries with that?”