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  • Jouin

    I’m sorry but was Jake in drag in Brokeback? was that like a DVD special scene or something? I fail to understand the connection between being gay and looking like a woman.

  • Carl

    That Jake does something to me. Boy is he fine!!

  • Gregger

    Play Gay?!!!

  • ewe

    The two of them look like George Bush in the headlights. Deer staring out not believing the racket of good fortune they happen to be in for standing around posing and looking pretty. The both of them are meaningless.

  • ewe

    NEPOTISM at its worst.

  • sasha

    I fell asleep in shakespeare in love and gwynnie embarasses me in the trailer for that country movie coming out. I wish it was Drew B. playing a drunken country star instead, boo

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