Not Done With Judicial Work Out

Gym Bunny Lesbians Appeal Discrimination Suit

Health conscious lesbians Amy and Sarah Monson aren’t giving up their civil lawsuit against Rochester Athletic Club.

The judicial drama started when the Club refused to give the women a “family” membership because they’re not married. Madly in love and hellbent on fitness, the women filed a civil lawsuit against the gym. The gym said the discount’s only for married people and since stinking queers can’t get married, well, there’s no discrimination.

Although he personally disagreed with the gym’s stance, a Minnesota judge ruled in their favor: the law does not protect the women from such “discrimination”. The women, however, have now filed an appeal and hope to see some social stretching, saying that the ruling “serves to illuminate the work that still needs to be done as we strive to be a more inclusive community for every family. A lawyer for the Athletic Club, meanwhile, says it illuminates the need for more clear legislative action.