Hagee: McCain Courted Me

Are John McCain’s political sins coming back to haunt him?

Controversial Evangelical preacher man John Hagee says in this Sunday’s New York Times that the Republican candidate asked for his support. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but Hagee’s allegedly anti-Catholic comments caused quite a stir earlier this month, leading many Catholic advocates to call for his head. McCain’s refused to denounce Hagee.

In addition to spilling the beans on McCain’s courting, Hagee also claims that his church, which condemns the queers, isn’t “hard” on the homos. From Editor & Publisher:

Interviewed by Deborah Solomon, Hagee refused to discuss his statement that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for a gay rights parade in New Orleans, calling it “so far off-base.” He claims, “Our church is not hard against the gay people. Our church teaches what the bible teaches, that it is not a righteous lifestyle. But of course we must love even sinners.”

Well, isn’t that generous?