Haggard Begins Defagification

Well, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for (no, not Mark Foley release from rehab): Ted Haggard‘s embarking on his official, Evangelically-blessed “sexual counseling”.

The disgraced pastor’s trying to force the homo-demon from the pure, meth-laden playground that is his soul in hopes of regaining proper place in heaven.

Unfortunately for Haggard, there are no guarantees (nor, we imagine, is there money back).

As Focus on the Family VP H.B. London says:
“I see success approximately 50 percent of the time…Guys just wear out and they can no longer subject themselves to the process.”
Or, they can’t take pain of so-called religious repression any longer. Sheesh.

And, do you think Focus on the Family President, James Dobson’s too busy to provide a quote?