Jones Not Interested

Haggard May, May Not Have Loved Jones

It’s been a while since we checked in with hooker and Ted Haggard taker downer, Mike Jones.

As you may recall, Jones spent three years servicing the since-disgraced Evangelical leader. Now that Haggard’s been outed – and rehabbed – Jones continues to ride the scandalous wave to promote his tell-all, I Had To Say Something.

The publicity train recently took him over to those sex-aholics over at Nerve, where Jones offers some more details of his fling with Teddy Boy.

We’ll spare you the details of orgies and meth use and instead focus on what could have been.

Nerve: Do you think he was falling in love with you?

Jones: He always had this huge smile, and he was always asking me questions about sex, and I would tell him something and he would go, “Really? Really?” He wanted me to talk so much about gay sex, it was almost like he was living through me. Could I see Ted Haggard being infatuated with me or having feelings for me? Yes, I could see that happening.

Poor Ted – he wanted Jones so bad, but the fire of hell made their love affair impossible. That and the fact that Jones wouldn’t date him for nothing – except, maybe, money. Jones remarks, “…He’s not someone I would want to hang around with all day.” Tough break, Haggard. Not that you’d be interested, of course.

Meanwhile, while some think Jones rolls in revenue, he’s actually a bit strapped,

I really haven’t had time to work, so I did lose my apartment. I just moved in with a friend in a small room to get by. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do for income when my book tour is over.

We suppose hooking ain’t an option.