Hall of Shame Increases Its Ranks

Today’s a very special day, reader. Well, yes, it’s Thursday, which is sort of special, but more importantly, it’s International Day Against Homophobia.

Seventeen years ago today, the World Health Organization officially removed homosexuality from its charter of diseases, neuroses and various bugs. Though WHO doesn’t think you’re sick, plenty of other people do.

International gays and gay supporters will take some time today to shake their fists in a push to decriminalize homosexuality, combat homophobia and vent their frustrations.

There are so many homophobes to choose from, so how do you know which way to wag the finger? Easy, you check out Human Rights Watch’s Hall of Shame.

Among the offenders, you’ll find President George W. Bush for jeopardizing people’s health, “moral” crusader and Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Polish education minister Roman Giertych for endangering children (see previous post), Philippines’ Representative Bienvenido Abante for trying to cure homosexuality and, of course, Pope Benedict XVI for undermining families.

Of this particular offender, HRW writes:

Pope Benedict XVI has actively intervened in politics to quash recognition for lesbian and gay families, and to threaten people who support it. The result has been to stigmatize lesbian and gay couples and make their families more vulnerable…. In Italy and other countries, church officials have suggested that supporters of gay rights as well as reproductive rights could be excommunicated.

We’d way rather be excommunicated than feel Benedict’s reptilian wrath. We hear that in addition to his poisonous venom, he recently had lasers inserted into his eyes. They’re no ordinary lasers, however: they’re powered by the power of Hell. Don’t fuck with the Benedict