We're jealous

Halle Berry locks lips with Lena Waithe

Queer activist and writer Lena Waithe got more than she bargained for during a stint as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Halle Berry showed up to give her a smacking wet kiss.

Waithe, known as an actress for roles in Ready Player One and Master of None, and who created the series The Chi for Showtime, delivered an opening monologue talking about growing up on the south side of Chicago, and her ambitions to go into showbiz. About halfway through, she turned to the “security guard” Guillermo Rodriguez (who actually works as a comedian) to ask for advice.

“We can push the Berry Button,” Rodriguez offered. “You push it when you need something Berry important.” Waithe, expressing her nervousness, had Rodriguez push the button. That’s when Oscar-winner Halle Berry walked onto the stage, greeting Waithe with a warm hug.

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“I need inspiration,” Waithe lamented. Berry then signaled to lower the lights, and delivered her words of encouragement.

“You are a force of nature,” Berry said. “You are a beautiful African-American queen. You are everything that is hot. Lena, tonight, you are a writer, an actor, a producer, and tonight you are a late night comedian and you ’bout to slay.'” Berry then complimented Waithe on her outfit, and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

A visibly bashful Waithe then resumed her monologue, plugging the new film John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum.

Waithe can also be seen on the upcoming season of Westworld next year.