Hallmark Isn’t Sure How To Get Gays To Buy Gay Valentine’s Day Cards

Did you have trouble finding a Valentine’s Day card for your special someone? It’s not like CVS or Walmart has a “same-sex” section, leaving gays to troll the same schlocky options as breeders. But all that might change — if only card companies like Hallmark can figure out how to get its stock in front of the right customers.

Greeting card giant Hallmark has lines of cards for other demographics, such as the Mahogany line for African-Americans and Sinceramente for Spanish speakers. Although Hallmark doesn’t offer an LGBT line now, senior writer Andre du Broc says he thinks it will happen. “We’ve taken baby steps so far,” he says. He points to a few “coming out” designs and four same-sex union cards that were released when California legalized marriage for same-sex couples in 2008. “They’re performing on par with our regular wedding cards,” he says. “So we’re validated there that people do want these.”

Du Broc, who has served as chairman of Hallmark’s LGBT employee resource group, says the creative will from writers to make an LGBT line exists. He says what’s holding the company back is figuring out how to get the cards in front of the right people. He thinks Hallmark is being prudent in holding off until it can figure out how to do it right.

One tip: Don’t bother trying to target us at Target. And another tip: Hire David Ellis Dickerson.