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Hands off that Cake! Fasting To Save “Traditional Marriage”

This upcoming Tuesday, June 14th, from 11:30am – 12:30pm, on the steps of New York City Hall, some deliciously crazy right-wing bat-shit Christians (no, not all Christians are crazy!) with the City Action Coalition are holding a press conference.

They will be asking “fellow believers” to join them in prayer and a day of fasting. Prayer mixed with fasting apparently invokes “divine intervention” which should stop Mayor Bloomberg from “using his influence and the media to turn the tide against us and pass this insidious law that would do unfathomable damage to families,” They are talking about gay marriage, for anyone who missed it.

Okay, just so we get this right… prayer + fasting = God’s help against the Gays. Got it. We know that the Lord works in mysterious ways, so this seems right up His alley.

They are asking that a maximum of 250 clergy members join them for this press conference, which should look particularly impressive in photos. All clergy who would like to join them MUST pre-register at  [email protected]. (We are giving you this email address for a reason. Feel free to drop them a polite note.)

And also – we encourage you all in New York City to take your lunch break that day and to join in a counter-protest. Connecting Rainbows, an LGBT civil right group, will be hosting the counter-protest and all of the information is here on the Facebook event page.

And next time you find your hands clasped in prayer, remember that God will only help if you lose a little weight. Try fasting.

Photo via BeingLatinoOnline and UnFollowing Jesus

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  • fuzzy

    One day of fasting? How about thirty? Or four days without water. That’ll work, too.

  • Jeffree

    Didn’t Jesus fast for 40 days in the desert? Maybe they should try that.

    They should also make sure that all their supporters of “traditional marriage” have never been divorced & sign a sworn statement saying they’ve never been adulterous.

  • CJ

    That is their right and privilege. We live in the USA and I’ll avoid reverse-bigotry by judging them for their beliefs and what they desire to do with their time. But, when it comes to politics and civil rights, we live in a democracy and discrimination against gays, minorities, Christians or whomever should not be permitted. So, believe what you want (freedoms) and vote how you want (freedoms). I won’t judge you for your beliefs, even if you’re judging me. BUT, please respect my rights to equality when it comes to my life in this free country. The US Constitution protects your right to believe the way you want (and to assemble the way you want). But, don’t think that this gives anyone the right to push LAWS that are contrary to the rights all Americans deserve: equal rights for all.

  • Joseph

    Any counter protest should be counter-fasting. Perhaps bringing food to give to a food bank or homeless shelter.

  • Dallas David

    There’s more fast-talking than fasting with that crowd.

  • oldgayvermonter

    Love the food bank idea. If I were in NYC I’d set up a food drive right there – it would be an actual Christian thing to do. I’d also bring some donuts so the blowhards could stuff their faces – hopefully inhibiting their ability to spew hate and misquote Jesus.

  • Bear

    I do understand their Religious beliefs of marriage. Marriage started out as a religious thing. However, when they started giving rights to married couples that were not granted to singles or unmarried couples that is when it left religious section and came to state and federal laws. Separation of Church and State. Laws should be passed based on the rights every American is suppose to have, not based on the religious beliefs of anyone, regardless of position. Everyone has the right to believe what ever they choose, they do not have the right to force that belief on others or to force those beliefs into laws.

  • Jeffree

    @Bear: No, marriage “started off” as a property “thing” before religion got involved: e.g., “You give me a herd of goats & you get to keep my daughter & some lovely pots she has made.”

    Still, I agree with you that, at least in the US, the debate on marriage equality gets awfully muddled because we confuse the civil & religious rights granted to married people.

  • David Gervais

    Bear: I appreciate your sentiments, however, marriage did not start out as a religious thing. It started out as a form of property transfer in which women were the property transferred.

  • iDavid

    Hmmmm, if they all drop into comas from the dizziness of fasting, shall we all say God did it?

  • iDavid

    It would after all be what could be called a divine STFU.

  • Jeffree

    @iDavid: lol, that would be God’s way of saying “you should’ve been training for this, My people! For My sake, don’t try the marathon, either.”

  • B

    No. 2 · Jeffree wrote, “Didn’t Jesus fast for 40 days in the desert? Maybe they should try that.”

    Maybe they should fast! Read regarding a study that provides some evidence of a ‘Christian obesity epidemic’.

    Obesity, or at least some causes or complications of it, can dampen one’s sex drive, so I bet some of these Christians figure sex is sinful because they are missing out on the fun.

  • Chris

    @Joseph: Excellent idea!

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