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  • M Shane

    This seems to say more about Tom Hanks’s lack of kowlege than anything.
    To liken FDR with Reagan is more ignorant than anything I can Imagine: except mabe for shoe size.
    FDR is responsible for modern American liberalism, the Social Security System, The New Deal; especially for Regulated Corporatism and putting in effect the principles of Keynsian economics To salvage
    democracy and make free enterprise viable.

    Reagan did all that he could to reverse the aprogressive politics which were prompted by WW2. Reagan did the most of anyone in history to destroy labor Unions, to undoall of the progressive moves of FDR :the graduated income tax, unrgulation of unions . He was responsible for the Grenada invasion , the Iran-Contra Affair, various incursions in south America.
    I find it difficult for anyone to admire him or liken him to FDR.
    Hanks must have Alzheimers.

  • M Shane

    lots of errors above, sorry, in a hurry hope you get the idea

  • Jack Scribe

    “Formally cute”? This 52 year old actor – who has won two Oscars, BTW – is handsome and talented. Save “cute” for twinks, and “overrated” for someone else. I love anti-Obama critics when they use character assassination to make a point.

  • Bill Enuff

    Yes I agree, Obama is very much like Reagan.

    So if you think Reagan was great you should vote for Obama.


  • Bitch Republic


    I think Hanks, like Reagan, must have Alzheimers.

  • M Shane

    The fact that Obama is the most liberal Legislator in the Senate, and Reagan is a ulta Cons . should be clear if you have a ny sense.
    Hanks is apparently not that bright. Of course no one ever thought so.

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