Disney Singer's A Gender Bender

“Hannah Montana” = “Superman”

Disney has a habit of churning out superstars. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake all sprang from the company’s family friendly loins. All have released more than their fair share of hits.

Thus, when we came across this picture Miley Cyrus (aka “Hannah Montana” at a recent signing and a caption describing her as a “Teen Superstar,” we thought we’d take a little listen. It’s always nice to hear what the kids are listening to – it keeps one young.

Cyrus’ music isn’t really our cup of tea, but we’re totally in love with her.

Above you see the video for Cyrus’s “Who Said” – a “girl power” type tune a la Spice Girls, only less poppy. No, it’s not the best song in the world, but we’re all about the effect she has on all those young girls, giving them an empowering anthem and the such. Look at them in that crowd, they’re in love with her! More importantly, Cyrus’ flagrant – yet probably unintentional – gender fucking definitely struck a chord:

I’m more than just
Your average girl

I’d like to turn me up
And show the world

Who said, who said
I can’t be Superman
I say, I say
That I know I can

Way better than some stupid six-year old girl. Although, now that we’ve point out Cyrus’ gender bending, we’re sure conservacunts will stage a protest or something, thus tarnishing her image. But, you know what? That would only make us like her more.