What happens when a cop discovers this Speedo-clad man riding his wooden horse around the Alamo?

Tourists will certainly remember this particular weekend at the Alamo.

That’s because a man caused what experts might call a “ruckus” by prancing around in a Speedo on his wooden stick pony while wielding a rubber chicken.

Matthew Silver reckons himself to be a performer and clown, while authorities reckon him to be a public nuisance.

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He was detained shortly after his little performance-art piece began in front of the Texas monument.

There’s no accounting for taste, but we personally prefer the antics of this Speedo-wearing rabble-rouser.

Perhaps hoping to raise his profile and pick up some freelance performer/clown work via word of mouth, Silver posted a video of his frolicsome antics to Facebook.

He claims the act “cost him access to Federal property in Texas,” according to News 4 San Antonio.

We’re left with many questions after watching the video, but primarily: Where can we pick up a pair of the swim trunks?


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  • ChrisK

    Wow. I’m surprised they could find a uniform to fit that cop.

  • whatevz

    just another stupid fat pig on a powertrip that hates the first amendment

  • Donston

    Kinda looks like a skinny ass Christopher Meloni.

  • Roan

    And another white redneck cop using excessive force.

  • baal61

    How the hell did that fat assed cop waddle over there so fast’ and what piggy things do you think are on her mind when the door locks? Whoo Hoo!

  • Kieran

    I think I saw this guy dancing in his undies in Union Square Park on Sunday.

    • RomanHans

      @Kieran: Yup, that’s nearly naked Union Square guy. Guess he takes his show on the road.

  • mc4bbs

    Seriously, what was he doing that was illegal and would warrant expulsion from federal lands? I would be suing the pants off the arresting officers, the town, the county and the state for violating my First Amendment Rights.

    This makes me so angry I want to grab my Speedo, rubber chicken, hobby horse and get on the first plane to Texas myself.

  • Richard 55

    What was he doing wrong? Silly over – reaction by the police.

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