Happpy Endings: Johnny Weir Is Too Gay!

• Al Gore is so totally running for President in 2008. [NYDailyNews]

• Speaking of politics: the State Department is taking on rude Americans tourists who travel abroad. Finally! Maybe they can teach President Bush a thing or two. [ManoloMen]

• Speaking of abroad: the most attractive man in the U.K. Really? [FemaleFirst]

• Speaking of femalefirst.com, Lindsey Lohan will visit AIDS clinics in Kenya. We loves the Lohan. [FemaleFirst]

Howard Stern likes Rosie O’Donnell now. See? Even Howard is on our campaign to bring Rosie back. [The Malcontent]

Johnny Weir is too gay for ice skating, according to officials. In a related report, the officials complained the ice is too cold for ice skating, the sky is too blue, and no one should ever look at Josh Duhamel ever again because he is just too attractive. [SocialiteLife]