Happy 40th, ‘Advocate’!

Holy fag rag!

The Advocate’s turning 40 this week – can you believe it? In honor of their very special birthday, the kids are treating themselves to a little face lift courtesy of Luke Hayman, who’s credited for revamping Time and New York magazine. A new logo, more graphics and expanded editorial coverage await readers who pick up the celebratory spectacular.

In addition to all that – and more! – the editorial team’s compiled a list of the top 40 gay and pro-gay movers and shakers. So, who’s on the list? Well, we don’t know everyone, but we do know that Barbara Gittings starts the list #40, Rita Mae Brown ranks as 20, Larry Kramer comes in at 18, Rosie hits up the 10-spot.

So, who’s in the top spot? We’d tell you, but why ruin the birthday surprise

Here’s a hint: it’s a girl. And the world loves her.