Happy 40th, ‘Advocate’!

Holy fag rag!

The Advocate’s turning 40 this week – can you believe it? In honor of their very special birthday, the kids are treating themselves to a little face lift courtesy of Luke Hayman, who’s credited for revamping Time and New York magazine. A new logo, more graphics and expanded editorial coverage await readers who pick up the celebratory spectacular.

In addition to all that – and more! – the editorial team’s compiled a list of the top 40 gay and pro-gay movers and shakers. So, who’s on the list? Well, we don’t know everyone, but we do know that Barbara Gittings starts the list #40, Rita Mae Brown ranks as 20, Larry Kramer comes in at 18, Rosie hits up the 10-spot.

So, who’s in the top spot? We’d tell you, but why ruin the birthday surprise

Here’s a hint: it’s a girl. And the world loves her.

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  • jknight


  • Woof

    And Ellen deserves it too!

  • Leland Frances

    One hopes he is wrong, but it appears from this image of the cover of “The Advocate’s” 40th anniversary issue, that its editors do not have the same degree of respect for or understanding of Frank’s importance in LGBT history as the Library of Congress and Smithsonia which last week put some of his artifacts on public display “in the same case as Joe Louis’s boxing gloves, near the glass closet that holds Jackie Kennedy’s inaugural gown and in the same shrinelike exhibit known as ‘Treasures of American History’ that also has Thomas Jefferson’s writing desk and the ruby-red slippers that Dorothy wore on her way to meet the Wizard.” [W Post]

    While the magazine polled the public for votes on 40 heroes among 100 names they suggested and gave them the opportunity to suggest other names, they said their editors would reserve the right to declare the winners.

    I was pleased to see Bayard Rustin and Audre Lorde and Troy Perry and Pedro Zamora and Matthew Shepard, among others, as well as Barbara Gittings and Leonard Matlovich. But at least the latter two are spinning in their graves for the insult to their friend Kameny. Gittings and Kameny were among those who first picketed the White House in 1965, and reading about Kameny and a telephone conversation with him led to Matlovich’s challenge to the US Air Force in 1975.

    I’ll leave it to others to suggest which of those who made the cut deserved it less than Frank Kameny, but assure you there’s more than one. Shameful. Simply shameful.

  • hephaestion

    I’d agree that Frank Kameny deserves to have a major monument constructed to him at the National Mall in Washington. The man needs to be recognized. Unfortunately, people who don’t read much (and that includes MOST Americans) just don’t know about him. I don’t take these rankings of heroes seriously. It’s just a popularity contest, based on who is most famous.

    And God knows Ellen DID bring our issues to more people than ever before in history. Plus she’s a brilliant comic and an incredibly darling, wonderful person. She is an ideal “representative” of the gay community and I will always call her my hero… right along with Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings, and the amazing genius Bayard Rustin.

  • Reader

    Love the Cover. So unique!

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