Happy Endings: 1-800-4-LESBIAN

• China debuts its first telephone hotline for lesbians looking for support — an especially grand move in a country that classified homosexuality as a “mental disorder” until 2001. [Reuters]

• When 2.5 million people show up for Brazil’s gay pride in Sao Paulo, you know there;s going to be plenty of Lycra-clad muscle. [Made In Brazil]

RuPaul‘s new album Reworked hit music stores this week, but we haven’t even gotten to the music yet; the cover art’s distracting us. [RuPaul]

• Footballin’ hottie Cristiano Ronaldo makes his World Cup debut — and his teammates aren’t the only ones celebrating. [Towleroad]

• Celebrating Father’s Day isn’t just for heterosexual couples. [Miami Herald]