Happy Endings

Hey, if an action-hero actor with no political experience can become governor of California, why shouldn’t the same be true for a sex therapist? We suspect he’ll do a better job, anyway. [365 Gay]

Madge pulls an Angelina and adopts an African baby. By the time this trend pans out, there’ll be no more babies on the entire continent. [Mollygood]

A convenient tally of congressional sex scandals. Ain’t nothin’ better. [Proceed At Your Own Risk]

GLAAD gets its wish: more gay television en route. What’s more, it comes from the creators of Will & Grace. Super… [TMZ]

The New York Times takes a look at Christopher Street’s new generation. Those kids get more press than us. [The New York Times]

You know there’s a problem when people wonder whether Pac-Man eats dick. [Kotaku]