Happy Endings

Hey, if an action-hero actor with no political experience can become governor of California, why shouldn’t the same be true for a sex therapist? We suspect he’ll do a better job, anyway. [365 Gay]

Madge pulls an Angelina and adopts an African baby. By the time this trend pans out, there’ll be no more babies on the entire continent. [Mollygood]

A convenient tally of congressional sex scandals. Ain’t nothin’ better. [Proceed At Your Own Risk]

GLAAD gets its wish: more gay television en route. What’s more, it comes from the creators of Will & Grace. Super… [TMZ]

The New York Times takes a look at Christopher Street’s new generation. Those kids get more press than us. [The New York Times]

You know there’s a problem when people wonder whether Pac-Man eats dick. [Kotaku]

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One Comment

  • Wolf

    The gay teens on the West End of Christopher Street and the Piers have been there FOR DECADES now. they were there in the 80’s and 90’s also. ( know I was there) NOW its a BIG deal because of the massive gentrfication of the area and the zero tollerence about closing the Pier Area down at 1am. Part of it also is the fact that alot of “breeders” have moved into that area over the recent years due to the gentrification. When Badlands, The Cockring, and Bookstores were there the complaints were few due to the fact that it was a GAY neighborhood then.

    Oh well. In truth I miss the Christopher Street and Gay life of the 80’s and 90’s. Everythings just so Disneyland like and clean right now. No character. And its like out history is being wiped away.

    Who out there actually remembers Crisco Disco (The Gay Studio 54), The Anvil, The MineShaft, Alex in Wonderland, The Ninth Circle, The Hellfire Club, The ORIGINAL Sipke (Serving Brunch no less) and Eagle. Not to mention The Club Baths, The Saint Marks baths, The Everhard, and The Adonis.

    Someone should really write a book. Abot the Gay life in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s before its all forgotten.

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