Happy Endings

• We can’t believe People actually paid for these pictures of Anna Nicole’s Bermuda wedding? Fuck, they should sue. [People]

• Speaking of suing, Coach is totally taking Target to court for imitations. [CNN]

• Politicians will be going to court soon, because the House Ethics Committee issued subpoenas for Foley cover-up [. [365 Gay]

Legendary gay rights activist, Franklin E. Kameny donates over 70,000 personal papers to Library of Congress achives. Now that’s some good reading. [The New York Blade]

Terry Richardson shoots actor Vincent Gallo for Butt‘s more stylish brother, Fantastic Man. First we see Chloe Sevigny suck his cock in Brown Bunny, now we get to see him dancing gleefully in a dress. Wheee! [ohnotheydidnt]

Alexis Arquette’s totally down with the Baldwin brothers. For some reason, we’re not surprised. [AOL]