Happy Endings

Project Runway‘s Vincent Libretti hates blogs. Especially when they’re mean to him. Loser. [Defamer]

Hetero artist sues boss for mistakenly calling her a lesbian. If we sued someone everytime they call us straight we’d be…nevermind. [Gay People’s Chronicle]

Another anti-marriage protest in South Africa. Didn’t South Africans already learn that apartheid ain’t cool? [News 24]

Every time Pat Buchanan says flamer, a demon gets its horns. Also, makes a fun drinking game… [Wonkette]

University of Minnesota joins Arizona on trannie talk. Everytime someone stands up for a trannie, Pat Buchanan feels a sharp pain in the chest. Keep talkin’! [Minnesota Daily]

It’s not gay, but we can’t resist the sight of a model eating shit. Hurts so good… [Mollygood]

• Shocker! Not all hospitals able to test for HIV. Thanks, Congress! [Houston Chronicle]