Happy Endings:

Multi-Church service will contain no gay bashing, thank you. No, not even a light smack… [The Royal Gazette]

The UN is none to pleased with Cameroon’s treatment of gays. You know what that means…well, really not that much. [365 Gay]

The Advocate takes a long, hard look at straight men flaunting it for gay men. Oh yes, a long, hard look… [The Advocate]

Lithuanian Parliament thinks gay materials may corrupt minors. It sure as hell corrupted us… Gay NZ]

• Gay Republican insists, “Mark Foley doesn’t represent me.” No, really, he doesn’t: I’m from Minnesota, he’s from Florida… [Donklephant]

If K-Fed can fill up Webster Hall, we’ll sell our second child. We’re far too attached to the first, but the second? Not so much. [Gawker]