Happy Endings

We may not have been able to make the panel on public figures and their so-called private lives, but our more responsible siblings from Jossip had their shit together. Read what they have to say. [Jossip]

Poor George Clooney, all those ladies and the only person he wants is Leonardo DiCaprio. [Queer Beacon]

Contrary to what many believe, most people aren’t blaming Foley’s scandal on his homo ways. That’s a relief. [365 Gay]

USA Today tries to break down GOP faggotry and finds Sybil. USA Today]

Was Anna Nicole Smith’s son murdered? Granny says, “Yes.” (It actually sort of makes sense.) [The Sun]

It’s shocking to hear a news man in San Fran disses homo families. Shocking, but not unbelievable, because it happened. [247 Gay]

Our featured songster, Chris Garneau, performs at Joe’s Pub in NYC tonight. Be there or be square. [Joe’s Pub]