Happy Endings: 2 Male Models K-I-S-S-I-N-G

•After teasing us with thoughts of dreamy Tuscan men getting hitched, Italians are now up in arms over a new clothing ad portraying two men kissing. We’re more pissed about the male models being fully clothed.

•Opponents in Spain are appealing this summer’s legalization of same-sex marriage calling it unconstitutional. Like the rejected appeal in Massachusetts last week, it is not expected to pass. But we are all expected to pass judgement on them.


•Coffee cups emblazened with an inspirational quote from Armistead Maupin have been pulled from the Starbucks at Baylor University. Somewhere on campus a questioning art student has been saved from a life of sodomy.

•Our pervy friends over at Fleshbot confess they don’t read Queerty for the articles.

•Tickets are now on sale for what will surely transform Disney Land into the gayest place on Earth: Gay Day 2.

•Are you ready for an ill conceived TV show with a gay twist produced by Martin Sheen? Neither are we.