Happy Endings

Nikki Hilton and some dicks open a new hotel. Actual dicks, not assholes. [Mollygood]

Britain to introduce gay discrimination laws. Not yet, though: they’ve got to iron some things out, it seems. [BBC News]

Hey guys, have you heard about Jeffree Star? Not yet? You will, because the singer’s touring with Peaches. That is, if you still care about Peaches. [Virtual Matter]

Anderson Cooper‘s mystery friend identified! A name’s all well and good, but we want to know if they’re doing it (read butt sex). [Gawker]

Kenneth Hill’s Project Runway limmerick has genius written all over it. Okay, that may be a stretch, but it’s definitely clever. [AOL]

GOP brats want the fags out – and we’re not talking about the closet. This is news? [Los Angeles Times]

Politico-homo Wayne Besen weighs in on gay Republicans. Heavy shit, that. [Wayne Besen]

Inspired by our New Young Pony Club posting, New Now Next recalls other confectionary tunes. (PS: We think they have a crush on us. And we think we like it.) [New Now Next]

Meanwhile, Made in Brazil has been stalking Lost’s new star, Rodrigo Santoro. Whatever, he likes us more. [Made in Brazil]