Happy Endings

Anna Nicole puts her son to rest. Bidding on “exclusive” pictures begins tomorrow. [Radar]

Banksy, everyone’s favorite guerilla artist, breaks a personal record by raking in £50,400. The image? A Kate Moss-as-Marilyn Monrow portrait. Um, okay… [BBC News]

&bull, And yet another article on the GOP, the gays and the politics of outing. You know, just for good measure. [Salon]

It may be easier for the House Ethics Committee might to ask Jeff Trandahl who didn’t know about Mark Foley. [ABC News]

Is LVMH ready to hit the road? They will be if they buy Aston Martin. [MSNBC]

AfterElton‘s all over TK Knight being a homo. [AfterElton]

We have more in common with God than we ever imagined! [Boozhy Blog]

Don’t forget the Timothy Cummings show! [Nancy Hoffman Gallery]