Happy Endings

• Those gay animals in Oslo really know how to get down. [Celeb Hijinx]

• GOPper says that if Dems. win House, “Gay agenda will rule.” (If only…) [365 Gay]

AfterElton takes a look at “naughty” words. Fuck that. [AfterElton]

The United Way throws the Boy Scouts some dough, despite their previous refusal over the group’s anti-homo stance. Bollocks! [Proceed At Your Own Risk]

• We like hemp. And we like milk. But hemp milk? Gross. [US Newswire]

• People are bent out of shape over Kate Moss having a drink while pregnant. Whatever, her baby’s lucky she’s not blowing rails. Yet. [Best Week Ever]

• Speaking of coke: 7-Eleven is not down with Cocaine. The drink, that is… [Access GA via Agenda, Inc.]