Happy Endings

• Ahhhh! Perez Hilton’s penis! [Faded Youth]

• Activists accuse Chile of not protecting the homos. Gee, what a surprise… [365 Gay]

• Like so many hellish experiences, this one started in Chelsea. [The New Yorker]

• Prepare yourself for Mika: Gayville’s newest pop star. [New Now Next]

Madonna’s baby daddy fears son’s return. Today, at least. [Yahoo News]

Mark Simpson wants Bond inside of him. James Bond, of course. [Out]

Gay Australian soldier speaks out on Iraq. [The Gay Military Times]

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  • WickedGayBlog.com

    OMG, that Perez Hilton story and pictures are over the top! It made me lock my manhunt pics ASAP, lol.

  • dustin

    what do you guys SO have against chelsea? that it’s the “latest gay hotspot”? i spent a week there and loved all of it…


  • EricLA

    I know Mario Lavandeira/Perez Hilton — and I have to wonder if he still uses his Manhunt profile. Those pics were from a period where he had slimmed down.

  • Lexy

    “Gee, what a surprise”????

    Oh, of course those South American darkies don’t know a THING about treating people humanely — they’re just so squat and primitive it’s a MIRACLE they can even walk upright. I suppose they can HARDLY be expected to treat everyone fairly like they do here in the US of A, right? You, Queertards, just made a flippantly bigoted comment on a website which purports to be about equalilty for everyone. Every time I come to this blog I find something to hate, but now you hit me where I live.

    As a gay Chilean, I understand that there are issues surrounding the acceptance of alternative lifestyles in my native country, and I’m glad you brought them to the public’s attention. However, I am fucking white-knuckled and LIVID at your smug, racist dismissiveness of a an entire sovereign nation. Way, way, way out of line.

    Fuck. You. Queertards.

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