Happy Endings

Survivor Worship: AfterElton interviews gay Survivor-contestant, Brad Virata. Is he the next Reichen? We hope not… [AfterElton]

• Yak Fest: A two-day HIV conference just kicked off in Mumbai to discuss new advances in the battle against the disease. And, also, how there’s no cure. [Express India]

• Gender Road Bender: Spanish street signs will soon sport female figures in an effort to fight sexism. Sexy… [The Washington Post]

• Baby Tobey: Tobey Maguire‘s girl-friend squeezed out a baby girl, which is funny, because we didn’t even know she was pregnant. Nor, actually, did we care. [Star Magazine]

• Pill Mania: More HIV-Poz South Africans than ever are getting the meds they need. Hoo-rah! [365 Gay]

• Run Girl! A lesbian refugee in England’s being deported back to Uganda. And, as well all know, the Ugandans aren’t so keen on the homos. [The Guardian]