Happy Endings

• Do you love us? Do you want us to win the 2007 Bloggie for best LGBT blog? Well, you should head over and vote for us. Seriously, dude, we want your vote. We want it more than we want anything in the entire world. Nay, universe.

• British rapper Q-Boy has signed on to present Channel 4’s Coming Out To Class, a special “Gay Week” film about homophobia in schools. Other Gay Week specials include My Big Gay Prom and Mum’s Gone Gay.

• Britain’s Home Secretary and devout Catholic John Reid spoke out against anti-gay adoption Catholics, saying, “If you bring in a law which says all people will be treated equally, then all people will be treated equally.” That’s the smartest thing we’ve heard all week.

&bull, We’re not sure which is worse: the fact that Michael Jackson‘s new album will be produced by Will.I.Am from The Black-Eyed Peas of news that it’ll be released via internet.

We’re so grossed out, we just have to let the headline do the talking: “Over a third of gay men with anal infections reported no unprotected anal sex“. Use condoms, fools!

• What does Wanda Sykes have to say about Isaiah Washington? Lots of funny shit.