Happy Endings

Libya‘s come to its senses and has agreed to free the six health workers it sentenced to death for “infecting” children with HIV. Of the mix-up, Muammar al-Gaddafi‘s son Saif al-Islam said: “The case went in the wrong direction from the very beginning. There were many manipulations in the original files, many errors … This is why we should seek a compromise”. That means, of course, that Bulgaria’s prepared to cough up the ransom.

• An Indiana senate committee voted 7-4 to ban same-sex marriage today. Protesters singing “We Shall Overcome” were promptly ejected from the room. God bless America.

• Has Tennis great Bill Tilden been written out of sports history because he was gay? Pink New UK‘s Ben Leung seems to think so…

Brandy already apologized for accidentally killing someone with her car. Now the family wants $50 million? What’s this world coming to?

• The United Nations has finally released a report on the plight of Iraqi gays. Guess what? It’s not good.

Ralph Fiennes love AIDS! Patients, that is. He’s in India spreading some good will.