Happy Endings

Janice Dickinson on Survivor contestant turned model JP Calderon‘s coming out: “I just wanted to tell you how fucking proud I am of you. Coming out yesterday must be really hard, and then being on the cover of a national magazine the next day?”

Gavin Newsom on getting it on with former campaign manager, Alex Tourk‘s wife, Ruby: “I want to make it clear that everything you’ve read is true and I’m deeply sorry about that…I hurt someone I care deeply about, Alex Tourk and his family and friends, and that is something I’m deeply sad about and sorry for”.

Editor and Publisher on FBI agent Deborah Bond‘s testimony on Scooter Libby‘s knowledge on Valerie Plame: “[Bond] described the bureau’s interview with I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby on Oct. 14, 2003. Asked where he first learned of Ambassador Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, he had told the FBI then — from the vice president, on or about June 12 that year, in a telephone conversation”.

Morvin Crumlish on computer generated “recommendations”: “I find the idea of my bodily functions and sexuality being obsessed about by marketing professionals disturbing, but perhaps my biggest concern is that they are right”.

• The Jewish Theological Seminary‘s study’s on conservative Jew’s increasingly accepting feelings on gay rabbis: “the decisions clearly raise the possibility among many that the Conservative movement has taken a move to the theological Left, further parting company from the Orthodox, and further approaching the Reform movement”.

Jennifer Hudson on being on American Idol: “…You go through this mental thing… You’ve been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think…I knew I had to sing my way out of it”.