Happy Endings

Kids these days! More and more kids are coming out during their teenage years. We wonder if Anna Nicole‘s freshly orphaned daughter will be a little baby dyke…

John Edwards grew a back bone and will not be firing the “pro-gay” bloggers. Of course, his actions won’t bring back our Anna Nicole

• AIDS activist Victor Mooney plans on rowing across the Atlantic to raise awareness of the devastating disease. Anna Nicole would certainly approve.

• So that’s what Clint Eastwood has to say about Anna Nicole Smith (notice he doesn’t know her name).

• If Anna Nicole were a man (and alive), she’d definitely want to read JC Report‘s Menswear Issue.

Evangelical Reverend Bradley Schmeling has been defrocked after revealing he has a gay lover. Anna Nicole would not approve (of the defrocking, not the faggotry).

Hamas and Fatah have come to a mutual understandingAnna Nicole just got her wings…