Happy Endings

• Someone buy Carson Kressley‘s book for Carson Kressley, please! (Thanks, Radar.)

• Maybe Kressley can then give the book to Ontario’s Health Minister, George Smitherman – he’s marrying his long-time beau this summer.

• We’re sure President Bush won’t be invited. We’re also sure he’ll be really offended. You know, because he’s so compassionate.

• Here’s a little tonic for your upset tummy: rumor has it that John Barrowman may sign on to play a seductive gay villain opposite Daniel Craig‘s James Bond.

• After you’re done thinking about Barrowman getting naked with Bond, why not think about some of the most famous young designers, some of whom we’d like to get naked with, too. After we play dress up, of course.

• Now you’ve picked out your wardrobe, allouw John Mayer to provide a lesson in how not to open an interview with Ryan Seacrest, “You’re like the Anderson Cooper of E!” Oh, wait, actually, we think every interview with Ryan Seacrest should start like that…