Happy Endings

HIV positive? Smoke weed everyday!

• Think HIV doesn’t cause AIDS? You’re “beyond stupid”, says doctor who discovered HIV.

• Donating money to anti-gay-nup campaigns? “That’s a waste”, says allegedly gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

• Named Britney Spears? Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has some words for you.

• Looking to boost American Idol‘s fear factor? Hire Michael Jackson to “mentor” contestants.

• Banning Chisinau, Moldova‘s gay pride? That’s illegal, says Supreme Court.

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  • hughman

    “HIV positive? Smoke weed everyday!”

    are you kidding me with this smug crap? did you even bother to read the article or do you just google HIV and slap (yet another) unfunny moniker on whatever comes up?

    the article was about how HIV+ people who suffer from leg pain have scientifically been found to have their pain alleviated by marijuana. despite, as the article notes, the intention of the government to discount the results. this could provide relief to thousands to people.

    stick to your smarmy stories about lindsey or brittany or whatever floats around in your empty heads. the last thing the gay community needs is some superficial website denigrating the struggle of many gay people to find relief where little is given. insinuating the HIV community just “smoke some weed” like a commune of hippies to solve the issue is not only ignorant but a disservice to those who need help.

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