Happy Endings

The New York Blade sounds off about people sounding off about Amanda Lepore‘s appearance at the HRC NYC dinner.

• The kids at BWE offer their view on former The View host Meredith Vieira‘s Diane Saywer lesbian fantasy fueled appearance on the Daily Show.

• The Feds have launched a search for Lou Pearlman, the man who helped launch N’Sync.

• The Concerned Women of America are concerned that Tim Hardaway‘s comments about hating gays will detract their gay hating movement, which uses love to hate. It’s very progressive.

• Congress ain’t down with Bush’s plans to have troops down on the ground down in Iraq.

• We were supposed to post these pictures of the Jimmy Im-endorsed, Svedka/Queerty-sponsored, eastern bloc-housed, Wednesday-nighted party, Good Times, yesterday. Unfortunately, we got all sorts of thrown off by Tim Hardaway and that whole mess. So we’re posting them now, in lieu of Queerty ReBUTTal, after the jump. Now featuring a special Mad Libs section!

Jimmy Im starts us off…

Special Mad-Libs Section:
Somebody get us a picture frame and a fireplace, because this picture of D. Haskell and Kurvin may be the most [insert adjective] thing we’ve ever seen.

D. Haskell: “Hey Kurvin, I really like your [noun].”

Kurvin: “Thanks, D. Haskell. [Name] taught me that when you [verb] on the [noun], it [verb] the [adjective] [noun].
D. Haskell: Damn, you’re [adjective]. I wish we were [place] so that we could [verb].
Kurvin: Me, too.

The Haskell brothers sure are [adjective], but what’s up with that [noun] in the background. He looks [adjective].

We can’t even fuck with this one. It speaks for itself, thus ending the special Mad-Libs section of this posting.

Oh, wait, that’s not at Good Times. That’s Jennifer Lopez getting booed at the Berlin Film Festival. Poor thing. Don’t worry, girl, we’ll always have Out of Sight.

Someone get Jimmy a drink. Oh, and us, too.