Happy Endings: Ahhhh!

• Japanese scientists have made a “humanoid robot” called Simroid, which can feel “pain”.

• It’s that time of the year again: Bid 2 Beat AIDS offers 1000s of collectibles on eBay. The eBay charity auction officially begins tomorrow, but they’ve already posted tickets for Mary J Blige’s Tuesday show honoring BET’s Stephen Hill.

• Popnography’s Shana Naomi Krochmal and NPR “consider” bands who play queer.

Condoms are always in fashion.

ABC News: Hillary hostage taker “mentally ill”. Ya think?

• Wow, who knew there were so many racists in The Real World.

Choire Sischa and Emily Gould out at Gawker.

• 1/3 of London’s HIV positive population face discrimination.

• Anglican leader Rowan Williams presided over a clandestine Eucharist for gay clergy in London yesterday. How long until Peter Akinola releases a hateful statement?

Australia’s government renews gay marriage push. Yay!

President Bush wants $30 billion more to fight AIDS.