Happy Endings: Anderson Cooper Dines With a Man


Anderson Cooper made himself available to the highest bidder for an AIDS auction charity. The winning bid? $21,000. The winner? Brit bachelor Oliver Hicks. [Page Six]

Brad Pitt. Shirtless. Smoking. On a motorcycle. Pics. [MollyGood]

• You care immensely about Britney Shears, right? [Dlisted]

• Leader of Iraqi GLBT advocacy group met with open arms – and applause – at London conference [UKGN]

Anglican Church tries to get its shit together. [AP]

• Always lovely to see black press supporting homophobia. [Black News Weekly]

Nigerians speak up for GLBT rights. [GCN]

Doctor Who‘s John Barrowman‘s biggest complaint: being too well endowed. [Sky]

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  • James

    Calling one website, a minor one at, “the black press” is a slight hyperbole.

  • noah

    “Always lovely to see black press supporting homophobia.”
    Isn’t this an overstatement? Did you bother to look at the web page? This is a third rate site; it’s not a reflection of legitimate “black” press thinking than is Stormfront an indication of the thoughts of the “white” press.

    To assign blame to the “black press” based off the words of one demented website is appallingly bad logic and journalism.

  • Jose

    Queerty didn’t say the site represented ALL black press. They said it was ‘black press’. which it is.

    not that it matters, because a blind monkey could type out a better article than Black News Weekly.

  • Chris

    Just like conservatives don’t say “all” gays are responsible for the devaluation of morals in society. They merely say “the gays are responsible…”

    Give me a break.

    Guys, the link was posted irresponsibly. Obviously this website in no way empirically or even figuratively represents the whole of the African-American view on homosexuality. Umm… you know there are black gays that aren’t all on the “down low” and aren’t all self-loathing. It stands that there is a significant number of black people at minimum that don’t agree with the (tawdry and crass) message the above link conveys.

    And yes, I understand your intentions in posting the link; to show that homophobia is indeed a problem in Black society. That’s fine, but if you’re going to draw such a stark inference, either link to a somewhat respectable Black periodical, or distinguish the link as a (potential) minority opinion from the Black press.

    Anecdotally, Black people are presumed homophobes. The type of “journalism” you exercised here only encourages that stereotype.

  • Giovanni

    Black News Weekly? Are you fucking kidding me? How long did you have to search to find that?

  • Chris Evans

    I think it’s extremely irresponsible for you to have posted that link and calling it the “black press”. It’s ONE article by a crappy website that I’ve never even heard of before in my life. And the article itself is something so low quality I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer handed it off to their 12 year old son.

    There is already animosity between the gay community and the black community, as well as between white gays and black gays–and for you to post that in the way you did, is just perpetuating the conflict.

    Shame on you.

  • joey

    that article doesn’t perpetuate animosity between black and white gays. no worries, Queerty boys, i’m still down with black guys.

  • hassia

    Giovanni: unfortunately, this was headlined by google news, I too saw it yesterday and I had to look at it. As a black gay man I was shocked but not surprised. If you look at the site you cannot even find a, about us, or even a contact page. Strange. But all the same we see what we still have to contend with out there

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