Happy Endings: Anderson Cooper’s Hetero Book Deal

Anderson Cooper (the only reason we ever watch CNN) gets a book deal that will “deal with the last year of [his] life as a journalist and human being in Sri Lanka, Africa, Iraq and Louisiana/Mississippi.” No word on if it will cover the gay human being part.


• Some fire-happy teens tore down and burned an amalgam of Old Glory and the rainbow flag because they thought it was “unpatriotic.” Apparently ripping down private property, dousing it with kerosene, and then dropping a match is the American way.

• Reach out and touch Arjan. He has Depeche Mode’s entire new album available to stream.

Katie Holmes’s parents are more upset about the unholiness of a shotgun wedding than her marrying crazy couch-leaper Tom Cruise.

Fliers are showing up in Austin and Dallas claiming there’s a plan to bus gays into Texas to vote against the state’s same-sex marriage ban. Well, there’s your first sign it’s all bull. We’d never ever take the bus.