Happy Endings: Animals A Little Straighter This Week

• The queer animal kingdom was doing so well, what with gay pink flamingos and pink penguins making the news this month. That is until those gay Israeli vultures ran back into the closet. [Haaretz Daily]

• Playing gay has been so good for Heath Ledger’s career, he might just give it another go. [Post Chronicle]

Heath Ledger

• After her performance at the Grammys last week, Madonna had a surgeon perform on her. Bitch had a hernia. That’s what you get for wearing nothing but constricting leotards. [NY Post]

• Traditionally leftist Canada has gays worried that their new Bush clone of a leader might take away their same-sex marriage rights. We adore our neighbors to the North for their progressive stance, so let’s hope not. [USA Today]

• Once the current uproar over that controversial Mohammad cartoon dies down, some traditional Muslims are going to have another thing to protest: a documentary about Islamic gays. [Variety]