Happy Endings: Anne Doesn’t Hate – Her Mom Does

Anne Heche’s mom is speaking at a conference aimed at “preventing homosexuality.” Turns out Ellen’s ex is as weirded out by it as much as we are.

Our excitement over the possibility of legalized same-sex marriages in Italy was a bit premature. We’re not moving to Milan after all, but we’re still shopping for new shoes.


•Oh yeah and it ain’t happening in France anytime soon either.

•We love the 70’s inspired cover art to Madonna‘s new ballad-free “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” But there’s something about her pose that gives us the impression she wants us to kiss her ass. Madge, we’ve already been doing that for 20 years now.

Lesley Gore publicly admits she’s a lesbian. We think a newly recorded single titled “It’s My Coming Out Party” would be a great addition for our new Ipod.