Happy Endings: Anne Heche And Her Homophobic Mom: The Sequel

Tyler on all Fours

• We’re glad that MTV decided to not go the stereotypical route when selecting the mandatory gay Real World cast member. Oh wait, they did. [Towleroad]

Anne Heche’s mom may still hate the Gays, but she doesn’t seem to loathe her daughter. They’re now on speaking terms. Still, we think it’s safe to say her relationship with Ellen remains pretty shitty. (Thanks, Carrie) [Anne Heche Official Site]

Al Sharpton reveals that he grew up with a gay family member whom he won’t name. This being gay uncle week, we think we have a strong inclination as to who it might be. [WIS 10]

Dr. Stanley Biber, who, over 30 years time, rebuilt thousands of men into women and vice versa, won’t be working on any more trannies. RIP. [The Advocate]

• We’d love to see Brokeback Mountain take the box office from behind and totally top it this weekend. [Variety]