Happy Endings: Apartheid, Meet Gay Marriage Ban, Gay Marriage Ban, Meet Apartheid

• South Africa’s highest court has ruled that barring same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. That means it’s well on its way to being the first country in Africa to allow gays to marry. More importantly, does this mean South African native Charlize Theron and her boy toy Stuart Townsend must now follow through with their promise? We think so.


• It was only rumored yesterday but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has now made it official. From now on, a lesbian will handle his staff.

Kate Moss is back with a vengeance. Apparently getting caught snorting lines of coke backstage during fashion week is a much superior career move than having someone release a “stolen” sex tape.

• Jdate has finally acknowledged that even Jews can be homos. Somewhere Harvey Fierston is already logging on. (Via Gawker)

• One of our favorite semi-fag hags has died: RIP Wendie Jo Sperber.