Happy Endings: Batdyke

• A new Frontline documentary called The Age of Aids is premiering tonight on PBS. It’s a two-parter, so make sure you have your cookies and Kleenex handy. [NY Times]


Batwoman makes a triumphant lesbionic return to print. [BBC via Pam’s House Blend]

Britney Spears has posted a “stream of consciousness” poem on her official website that describes her unhappy marriage. It is called “Dickmatized.” [Britneyspears.com]

• Brazil releases its first gay dictionary. We’re not sure that we even have one of those in the U.S. [Made In Brazil]

• Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not want members of Parliament talking about the upcoming gay wedding between two members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, because that is tantamount to sexy talk, and sexy talk is not allowed in government. [365 Gay]