Happy Endings: Big Movie, Big Budget, Big Bulge

• We’re pretty sure that most of the astronomical budget for Superman Returns is going toward reducing Brandon Routh’s bulge. [NY Post]

• South Africa’s Gay and Lesbian Alliance is being slammed as a “joke” made up of “one publicity-hungry man.” No, it’s not Matt Drudge. [The Herald]

Brandon Routh

• Chicago’s upcoming Gay Games are bringing some people to tears. We’ll be sure to bring plenty of Kleenex on our way to the Windy City. [Wednesday Journal of Oak Park]

• We’d love to see a Gay Walk of Fame in Palm Springs. But Kevin Spacey probably won’t appreciate his name being mentioned for consideration. [The Desert Sun]

Clay Aiken is trolling the net for online gay hook-ups?! You don’t say! [Queer Day]