Happy Endings: Breaking! Conservatives Detest Gay Films!

• A group of uppity parents have their chastity belts in a bunch over a Rhode Island high school’s field trip to see Rent because it “promotes homosexuality.” Hey, West Side Story promotes heterosexuality (sort of) and you don’t see us complaining.

Stephen Bennett and his beard, er, wife, Irene, are at it again. She says she would give Brokeback Mountain “a ‘thumbs down’ for its message. Second, I give it an Oscar for the number one homosexual propaganda movie of the year.” No word on which award she gave her hair. (Via Good As You)


• We spotted Bruce Vilanch (with some older guy) at the Grove this morning. No doubt he was on his way to check out Brokeback Mountain at the only LA-area theater you can catch the movie.

• Of all people, San Francisco cops are in trouble for recording videos that poke fun at African-Americans, women, and even trannies.

• Four Bulgarian athletes have been booted off their soccer team for participating in an orgy in the team’s locker room, dispelling all doubt that Bel Ami videos are unrealistic.

GE has a new print ad featuring a gay male couple for their high-end monogram line. Seeing as though we’re the ones who either buy them or are responsible for putting them in chic kitchens, we think it couldn’t be better. GE…You really do bring good things to life.

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