Shocking, Right?

Happy Endings: Brit’s A Bad Mom

Britney Spears loses kids. (As if you didn’t see that one coming.)

Mark Foley scandal still stinking up GOP.

Focus on the Family activist wishes American Psychological Association would be more tolerant of ex-gay therapists.

Cindy Adams does not appreciate foreign people coming to melting pot that is New York.

• Wow. The Spice Girls‘ London concert sold out in 38 seconds. Again: wow.

Ridicule: more powerful than a nuclear bomb?

Scottish and Mexican Anglicans want gay inclusion.

Gay History Project growing.

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  • VaginalItch

    Is she holding a pregnancy test with her blackberry? She needs to stop having babies. Some of those country girls do not know when they are pregnant. I had a friend who had an abortion in her panty-hose. She did not know there was a fetis in her womb. That is fucked up. She thought it was gas and that she had soft poop. Her wig is cute. I dyed my vagina blonde once but the dye burned my lips and left pussy lumps and I had to use ointment to make it not burn. I love this site!

  • OozinKooz

    I think she got a bump wrap. Now she will have to have another baby by some freak. Isn’t her gina all stretched out or did she get cut for that last baby? I am not sure. I had three babies – one was black.

  • PuppieTesticles

    Is that one of her babies in her arm? It looks like a miscarriage that was brought back to life.

  • IPhoneinmysnatch

    I got the new adapter for the Iphone that vibrates if you stick it in your cunt. I think that britney has one in her pussy in this picture. She put the dog insider her then pushed out like she is having puppies.

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